The Tasks

The Research Center shall undertake the following tasks:


To plan, organize and conduct basic research, applied research and experimental development in all fields of book and paper conservation, from ethical guidelines to scientific methods.


To set up a common pool of know-how and best practices;


To establish a forum and space facilitating the exchange of information and the generation of new ideas and synergies for the advancement of the entire field.


The project management of each single task will be target-orientated. The results must be useful/applicable in practical conservation.


The centre shall work independently and will be only responsible to science itself not pressed to find solutions which can be marketed.


The centre shall only specialize in resolving problems of book and paper conservation, including both pure and applied research in the area.


To guarantee the relevance of the research, the topics shall be chosen by specialists in the field (experienced book and paper conservators).


The objective is to consistently bring the Centre to a high level of professional excellence, so that it can operate as an authoritative knowledge centre capable of both attracting and disseminating professional knowledge, expertise and know-how.


The potential of the Centre should be enhanced by cooperating with European umbrella organisations or European or national scientific institutions such as ECCO, ENCoRE, UNO, ICCROM, Unesco, IADA as well as other important organisations (BDA, ÖNB, BAM, etc.)